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‘PURITY’ SEAL. LA BUENA VIBRA Retreat & Spa Hotel.

At La Buena Vibra Retreat & SPA Hotel we care about your health and well-being. For this reason, we will open the doors of our large spaces and gardens so that you can live a renewing experience that frees you from accumulated stress.


We are taking all the necessary health and sanitation measures to make your stay pleasant and safe. We expect you. Trust in La Buena Vibra.


This document establishes the operation protocol attached to the recommendations of the Federal, State and Municipal Government to comply with the guidelines of the New Normal, in all the processes that involve the operation of the Hotel.


We ensure that workers are informed about the virus and how to minimize its spread, we have established clear guidelines on what to do if workers and guests show symptoms related to COVID-19 or if they report to be in contact with a sick person.


Staff are trained in Good Hygiene Practices.


Hand washing. - Hand hygiene should be performed frequently and always on leaving and arriving home, at the beginning of the activity, after using the bathroom, after breaks or before eating any food, between two manipulations of materials different raw materials or products, when unclean objects (money, keys, etc.) have been touched and after having had contact with solid residues or waste.


Avoid coughing or sneezing on food or work surfaces. In the case of possible coughing or sneezing, a single-use tissue should be placed over the mouth and nose and, later, hands washed. Avoid touching hair, eyes, nose, and mouth, as hands to facilitate transmission.


All personnel wear face masks, eye protection for those who have contact with clients, gloves for domestic use for cleaning, according to the activities carried out by the worker and during the working day.


We have an exclusive access for the entry of our internal personnel, duly signposted. We implement the procedure for the entry and exit of collaborators, respecting the protocol of healthy distance, personnel registration, hygiene measures, control and temperature registration with a remote thermometer in a log, to identify people with a temperature greater than 37 ° C, and / or with respiratory symptoms recommending that they seek medical attention as soon as possible.




Our collaborators have exclusive areas for use such as: lockers, parking, restrooms and dining room. In the employees' dining room a daily cleaning and disinfection program is carried out; and established schedules for its use.


There are visible signs with prevention measures.




We have consumables for hand hygiene of workers and clients in: lobbies, bathrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, break rooms, dressing rooms, reception area, cleaning area, etc. 


We installed signage for workers and clients on the floor with the distance that it should be held in the various areas of the workplace: reception, offices, common areas, etc. And a telephone directory for medical guidance on COVID-19. 


We have certifications that guarantee travelers and that certify that the accommodation has developed specific disinfection and cleaning processes against COVID-19; and complies with health security guidelines according to Federal, State and Municipal levels.


After the exchange of objects between our internal and external clients (such as payment cards, cash, pens, etc.), sanitization equipment is used by means of atomizers. 


Correct Hygiene Practices (CHP) 


Correct Hygiene Practices (CHP) are fundamental in the day to day, in the same way they are the responsibility of all those involved in the process of handling, preparation and transportation of food and beverages until the arrival of the diners/Guests.


For this reason, it is essential to reinforce personal hygiene measures in all areas of work and in any exposure scenario. 


Hand hygiene is the main measure of prevention and control of infection that will be done preferably with antiseptic soap and water, and following the correct technique (Surgical method Distinctive H).


Preparation and handling of food and beverages 


We reinforce Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) through training and supervision of the systems and guidelines established for the New Normal. In order to guarantee the correct handling of food and beverages.


A correct cleaning of the facilities, equipment and surfaces is ensured, so after each service, cleaning and disinfection is carried out without forgetting the neuralgic points of the areas and that are of greater exposure, in general, from any surface that may have been touched by hands. We manage an area disinfection log every hour, cleaning kitchen and service surfaces.


We developed the La Buena Vibra Retreat & Spa: Purity / Food and Drinks deep cleaning program, taking into account the established hygiene and sanitation guidelines.


A station with sanitization equipment is enabled by means of atomizers, which use the same usual and authorized detergents and disinfectants in order to sanitize the main centers and the tables that are being vacated, in addition to all the surfaces that could be exposed to contamination.


It is guaranteed in each consumption center to have enough necessary hygienic material (Interfolded paper, soap, sanitizing gel, detergents for disinfection etc.)


In the food serving and tray areas, the use of a face mask is also mandatory.




The first contact with our guests is a priority, when making your reservation, a reservation letter is provided, informing the recommended sanitation measures at the Hotel and the protocol to follow to expedite your Check in at Reception at the time of your arrival.


Guest reception / Check in


We provide immediate attention to the arrival of the guests with our host staff who takes the temperature with a digital thermometer, to identify people who present a temperature higher than 37 C °, and / or with respiratory symptoms, recommending that they seek prompt medical attention. There is a designated area for entering the parking lot, the Bellboy staff assists our guest by properly wearing their personal protective equipment and is provided with antibacterial gel, disinfects luggage and tag when getting off the Guest's car, moves the suitcases from the parking lot to the assigned room.


Upon entering the reception, the guest must go through the sanitizing mat and respect the signs of healthy distance, upon entry a check list of the welcome protocol and a health declaration are made.


A welcome kit is given, that includes an antibacterial gel and a mask; and the written protocol Purity by La Buena Vibra, is sent via WhatsApp to the guests. 


We implement express Check out


1.-One night before the end of their stay, the guest makes the express check out so that the guest only signs the registration card upon departure.


2.-Ten minutes before departure, the guest calls Reception to notify the end of his stay and our Bellboy goes to the room to transfer suitcases and take them to his car for the corresponding disinfection.


3.-Housekeeper staff verifies that everything is in order by notifying reception.




Our chambermaids in charge of cleaning rooms are highly trained in the sanitization processes established by the Room Division area, based on the guidelines of the new sanitation standards, thereby providing confidence and security to our guests.


Cleaning program




1.-Our staff wears a full uniform and assigned Protection equipment at all times. 


2.-An electric nebulizer is used throughout the room for disinfection.


3.-The deep cleaning is carried out and the sheets are changed. We use certified products for detailed cleaning in all contact areas, paying specific attention to sanitation in the following areas: desks, countertops, tables and chairs, telephones, bathroom vanities, mirrors, picture frames, lighting controls.


4.-Once finished, the label La Buena Vibra Retreat & Spa Purity is placed


5.-The date, time and area in which this protocol was carried out is recorded in a daily log.


Common areas


All the common areas of the Hotel go through a La Buena Vibra Retreat & Spa Purity Deep Cleaning Program / Common areas. For sanitization and disinfection from time to time: lobby, toilets, hallways, door handles, railings and the like. In the pool area, cleaning is performed daily on lounge chairs, tables, railings, etc.


1.-Our trained personnel wear a full uniform and assigned protection equipment at all times.


2.-The Lobby is disinfected every two hours as well as the cleaning of the floors in that area.


3.-Cleaning and disinfection is done every hour in the common bathrooms.


4.-The corridor floors are cleaned and disinfected every two hours; door handles, railings and the like every hour. Our Gym is disinfected every four hours


Cleaning of management offices: these should be cleaned starting at seven in the morning. The sanitization process must be at the beginning of the work day.


5.-The minimum recommended distance between furniture in the garden area, meditation room and yoga is contemplated.


6.-Supervision is given to the cleaning and maintenance of the pools, keeping the concentration of disinfectant in the pool water within the recommended limits according to international standards.


7.-The pools and furniture go through a sanitization process twice a day (chairs, lounge chairs, tables, chairs, tables, etc).


8.-We have consumables for hand hygiene for our guests in: lobbies, bathrooms, rest rooms and signs of healthy distance at strategic points and sanitized mats.

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