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Like many businesses, La Buena Vibra began as a simple dream of a vacant lot whose only access was through the backyard of the founders' house.


It all started after Christmas 2005 when they worked together with a local architect to draw up a sketch of what would be a small yoga retreat. Construction work began in February 2006 followed by other land purchases from neighbors, expanding the concept to a Retreat and Spa-type hotel offering yoga and spiritual programs to complement the holistic wellness approach.


Being so far into a section of the town of Tepoztlán where there was not much infrastructure, it was necessary to invest in improving the electrical service, introducing medium voltage electricity and transforming 22,000 volts to 120 volts through an electrical station with a backup generator. acquired by the founders. The same approach to infrastructure improvement has been applied to the management of the water system, drainage system and telecommunications system; always taking into account the environment and the needs and comforts of our guests.


In January 2009 the doors were opened for the first time and in a matter of months, the recommendations in the voices of our guests allowed the operation of the place to be sustainable. The business operating plan from the beginning has been built around being a locally supported family business. Which has meant that the founders have been intimately involved with the operation and with the personnel management, through the relations with the employees and with the guests.



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